Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects

Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects

Physical Modelling for Completion of Balance Works of Breakwater at Dabhol LNG Terminal, Maharashtra


Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects



Location within country

Maharashtra State

Name of client

Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Start/Completion Years


The Dabhol LNG terminal is provided with marine and landside facilities. The marine facilities include 2.3km long offshore breakwater, 1,750m long approach trestle, navigation/approach channel, jetty head with berthing and mooring dolphins, navigational dolphins and tug berths. The breakwater is envisaged as a rubble mound structure with patented ACCROPODE armour blocks and is aligned parallel to the coast line. Construction of the marine facilities was commenced in 1999. Approximately 55% of the breakwater and 95% of the LNG jetty were completed when the works were abandoned in 2001. Larsen & Toubro Ltd has been awarded the contract for “Completion of Balance Works of Breakwater at Dabhol LNG Terminal, Maharashtra” and requested Lanka Hydraulic Institute Ltd (LHI) to carry out physical model studies. LHI carried out 2D (flume) and 3D (basin) physical modelling on breakwater sections to verify and optimise the design, based on the wave at the toe & transmission, wave overtopping, and stability of the breakwater including armour layer, toe protection and under layer