Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects

Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects

Das Island Development Expansion and Rehabilitation of Das Island Harbour: Physical Modelling of Breakwater Structures


Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects



Location within country

Das Island

Name of client

AECOM Middle East Ltd.

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Das Island is located 110km off the coast of Abu Dhabi and is an important hub for the export of oil and gas for UAE. The owner of Das Island’s oil refining operations, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), have an objective and vision to improve staff quality of life and operations by creating a whole new accommodation complex away from the industrial area, constructing a new airport offshore to meet future air traffic needs, expanding the harbour for larger vessels and in an environment less prone to siltation and releasing land on Das Island for other uses. AECOM Middle East Ltd has been awarded the Das Island Development Expansion and Rehabilitation of Das Island Harbour project and has requested Lanka Hydraulic Institute Ltd (LHI) to carry out physical modelling of harbour breakwater structures for part of the project. LHI carried out 2D (flume) and 3D (basin) physical modelling on harbour breakwater sections to verify and optimise the design, based on the wave at the toe & transmission, wave overtopping, and stability of the breakwater including armour layer, toe protection, under layer and crest wall