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Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects

Thermal Discharge Modelling of the Cooling Water System of Lakvijay Power Plant– 300 MW Extension


Coastal & Port/Harbour Projects


Sri Lanka

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Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)

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Lakvijaya Power Plant (LPP) is the first and the only Coal Power Plant in Sri Lanka having installed capacity of 3 x 300MW. The government of Sri Lanka has taken a decision to extend the existing LPP by another single 300MW size generating unit. In this context, the CEB decided to carryout thermal discharge modelling of the cooling water system, mainly for proposed infrastructure facility. The primary objective of the project is to carry out the thermal discharge modelling of the cooling water system of the proposed 300MW power generating unit. Through the mathematical model, following sub-objectives will be achieved: • Analyse the influence of thermal discharge on the receiving sea area. • Optimize the location and layout of the intake and drainage outlets (outfalls), in order to minimize the impact of thermal discharge on the temperature rise and the surrounding sea water environment, and ensure safe, reliable and economical operation.