The field investigations are undertaken by LHI to suit clients' specific needs and to facilitate the setting up and calibration of physical and mathematical models. The activities encompass fields of Coastal & Port Engineering, Water Resources Development and Urban Hydraulics, to include Hydrological, Hydrographic / Topographic, Hydraulic and Environmental data collection. A wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment is available with the Institute.

Field Investigations

  • Bathymetric and topographic surveys;
  • Hydrographic surveys in inland water bodies;
  • Shore and nearshore surveys;
  • Jet probing, wash boring and sediment sampling;
  • Measurement and recording of waves, currents, seiche, tides, etc;
  • Flow measurements and measurement of other hydraulic and hydrologic parameters of rivers and inland water bodies;
  • Offshore inspection and geotechnical investigations.

Instruments for Field Investigations and Sample Collections

  • SonTek ADP System
  • InterOcean S4DW current meters for multiple wave parametric measurements
  • Direct recording current meters
  • Salinity and Temperature meters
  • GPS Positioning Systems
  • Sediment and water sampling equipment
  • Ship movement meter for recording ship motions including three translatory and three rotary movements
  • All ancillary hydrographic and land surveying equipment.