LHI's comprehensive model testing facilities serve customers and projects within inland water engineering. Model testing has been conducted for last two decades for different clients from all over the world. 

Today model testing is used extensively in hybrid and composite modelling, in which physical models work interactively or combined with numerical models and informatics systems. This provides customers with groundbreaking solutions. Accurate and up-to-date equipment are available in-house, and our equipment is tested by experts regularly. This is a particular advantage to our customers since the equipment are tested, they are available to clients at short notice.

  • Physical Modelling covers a wide range of testing for most of the Inland Water Engineering applications. It includes detailed Hydraulic Study of Layout, Flow Pattern, Sediment Transport, Morphological Changes and Erosion Pattern etc. of intakes, spillways, stilling basins and other structures.
  • LHI is well equipped with necessary facilities and a good knowledge base to undertake any modelling activity as per client's need.