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Lanka Hydraulic Institute Limited (LHI) was established in 1985 by the conversion of the Coastal Engineering Research Centre (CERC) of the Coast Conservation Department into a Public Limited Liability Company in accordance with a Cabinet decision.

LHI has expertise that encompasses technical and engineering spheres as well as a multi-disciplinary approach to a varied project genre, gearing its thorough knowledge of socio-economic, financial and environmental components within each process.

The premise of dealing effectively with multi-faceted projects through a wide and varied network of expert individuals and renowned local and foreign organizations is enhanced by LHI proudly having the best state-of-the-art Hydraulics Laboratory in the Indian Ocean region, giving LHI the impetus to provide total solutions in the field of hydraulics.  LHI has a rigorous and comprehensive Quality Assurance system and is ISO 9000 certified.

LHI is geared to cater to International Consultants working in the region and elsewhere, giving them a reliable choice in outsourcing Hydraulics Laboratory services.

Nissaka Perera
Chief Executive / Director
Head of Business Development
BSc (SL) Dip. H.E.(Delft), FIESL CEng
Dr. Sanjeewa Wickramaratne
Senior Engineering Manager
BSc. Eng (Hon), PhD (Coastal/Proj. Mgmt) (Calgary), CEng, MIE(SL)
Dr. K. Raveenthiran
Senior Engineering Manager
BSc Eng. (Hons), MEng.(AIT), D.Eng.(TIT)
Mr. Ruwan Ranaweera
Finance Manager
BSc, ACMA, CGMA, MISMM, Dip. in Marketing
Ms. Manori Fernando
Engineering Manager
BSc. Eng (Hon),MSc. (Coastal Eng) (SL), AMIE(SL)
Mr. Lakshan Fernando
Engineering Manager
BSc. Eng (Hon),MSc. (Coastal Eng) (SL), AMIE(SL)
Ms. Kaushalya Subasinghe
Engineering Manager
BSc. Eng (Hon),M. Eng (Water Resources) (AIT), AMIE(SL)
Ms. Imalka Abeygoonasekara
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)
Ms. Chathuri Rajapaksha
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)
Mr. Akalanka Silva
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)
Mr. Indika Kumara
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)
Ms. Vasana Dharmadasa
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)
Mr. Nilupul Senarathne
Research Engineer
BSc. Eng (Hon), AMIE(SL)



Wave Modelling basins and Wave flumes.
Equipment for bathymetry, Waves & Current measuring, salinity, temperature.
Software & hardware for Numerical Modelling.
Visual Access to laboratories. Our laboratories have installed IP cams so that our clients have visual access via the web
LHI also offers an intranet facility to download documents etc from the project folders during the duration of a project
Physical Modelling
Breakwater Stability Testing
Harbour Disturbance Modelling
Ship Movement Modelling etc.
Mathematical Modelling
Wave Propagation
Hydrodynamic Studies
Basin Resonance Studies,
Sediment Transport
Coastal Evolution
Water Quality Modelling
Dispersal of Dredged Sediment etc.
Field Investigations
Bathymetry, Shore Profiling
Topographic Surveys
Directional Wave, Currents, Tides, Water Levels
Salinity, Temperature, Wind Direction & Speed
Seismic Surveys
Bore Hole Tests
Sediment Sampling, etc.
Hydraulic Laboratory
A wave basin of 36m x 25m x 0.8m with the facility to produce currents in any direction, and is equipped with three pumps capable of delivering 1.2 cumecs, and four movable wave generating paddles of 5.5m each with the facilities to simulate regular & irregular waves and currents at the site;
A wave flumes 30m long fitted with paddles to produce regular or irregular waves;
Computerized data acquisition system, Electronic-measuring devices such as wave gauges, movement meters, strain gauge force meters to record model parameters, and specific driving software for model;
Facility to gather and analyze test results online;
Standard laboratory equipment for sediment analyses;
Mechanical and Electronic workshops;
Special software for data acquisition.


Technical pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and conceptual designs of water related engineering projects. Such studies will include relevant environmental considerations as well.
Design of coastal and harbour works including technical specifications and tender documentation.
Preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plans inclusive of Institutional analyses, problem assessment, design and evolution of management strategies, research and monitoring.
Coastal stability for beach oriented tourist resort development
Field Investigations
Bathymetric and seismic surveys;
Hydrographic surveys in inland water bodies;
Shore and near shore surveys;
Jet probing, wash boring and sediment sampling;
Measurement and recording of waves, currents, seiche, tides, etc.;
Flow measurements and measurement of other hydraulic and hydrologic parameters of rivers and inland water bodies;
Intensive measurement campaigns including all or some of the above;
Offshore inspection and Geotechnical investigations.
Physical Model Studies
Coastal models for erosion management and protection;
Sea outfalls (storm water and effluent outfalls);
Harbour model studies using observed wave spectra including study of ship motions;
River models; Estuarine models;
Reservoirs and hydraulic structures for irrigation, water supply and hydropower works;
Two-dimensional stability tests on breakwaters and revetments, or protection works of inland water bodies.
Mathematical Model Studies
Wave Modelling;
Coastal processes and harbours; storm water and effluent sea outfalls;
Sediment Transport (in sea and inland water bodies);
River and Urban Hydraulics and Hydrology;
Water Resources Development and Hydrology;
River Basin Water Allocation Modelling.


Instruments for Field Investigations, Sample Collection
Hydraulic Laboratory
SonTek ADP System
Datawell Waverider buoys and Data Loggers, InterOcean S4DW current meters for multiple wave parametric measurements;
Pressure cell recorders;
Aanderaa recording current meters;
Direct recording current meters;
OTT water level recorders;
Salinity and Temperature meters;
Raytheon echo sounders, DE719B;
Trimble DGPS Positioning Systems;
Sediment and water sampling equipment;
All ancillary hydrographic and land surveying equipment.

Mathematical Modelling Facilities
LHI’s Mathematical Modelling facility is primarily based on, but not limited well-proven Mathematical models developed by the Danish Hydraulic Institute. The present capabilities include MIKE 11 – Rainfall/Runoff model and the Onedimensional Hydrodynamic model coupled with Transport Dispersion, Sediment Transport, Urban Hydrology and Ground Water, MIKE 21, two-dimensional model with modules for Hydrodynamics, Advection/Dispersion, Nearshore and short waves, and LITPACK one-dimensional Littoral Drift Simulation and MIKE 12 – One-dimensional stratified Hydrodynamic and Transport Dispersion Model.

Other Office Facilities
Laptop Computers
Areas of Specialisation
Coastal Engineering
Water Resources
Urban Water
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