Lanka Hydraulic Institute Limited (LHI) was established in 1984 by the conversion of the Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) of the Coast Conservation Department into a Public Limited Liability Company in accordance with a Cabinet decision.

LHI has expertise that encompasses technical and engineering spheres as well as a multi-disciplinary approach to a varied project genre, gearing its thorough knowledge of socio-economic, financial and environmental components within each process.

The premise of dealing effectively with multi-faceted projects through a wide and varied network of expert individuals and renowned local and foreign organizations is enhanced by LHI proudly having the best state-of-the-art Hydraulics Laboratory in the Indian Ocean region, giving LHI the impetus to provide total solutions in the field of hydraulics. LHI has a rigorous and comprehensive Quality Assurance system and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

LHI is geared to cater to International Consultants working in the region and elsewhere, giving them a reliable choice in outsourcing Hydraulics Laboratory services.